Micro-Bend Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

  • Micro-Bend Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
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SmartMeasurement’s ALCM-MB Micro-Bend Coriolis mass flow meter employs a unique tube arrangement, with U-shaped measuring tubes that are formed with significantly smaller radii versus traditional U-tube type Coriolis meters. The more gradual radius of our mass flow meters’ tube geometry allows for a more compact design and significantly reduced pressure differentials versus other Coriolis meters.

SmartMeasurement Coriolis Meter Technology

Our ALCM-MB Micro-Bend Coriolis mass flow meters feature an easy-to-read OLED display that can be configured to display either mass or volumetric flow rates in a variety of user-selectable engineering units, as well as density, temperature, and totalized flows.

These liquid flow meters offer exceptional value by providing a highly accurate, compact instrument that can measure flow, density, and temperature in a single package. They provide a lower pressure differential and a more compact design versus competitors’ Coriolis meters, and at a lower cost.

The unique combination of features and capabilities offered by ALMC-MB Coriolis mass flow meters make them the ideal choice for a variety of industries and applications, including Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Paint, and Industrial Process Control.

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