Gear Positive Displacement Meter

  • Gear-Type Positive Dispalcement Flow Meter
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The SMC series ALGPD Gear flow meter is suitable for the precise flow measurement of various fluids of viscosities from 5 up to 25k mm²/s. Providing sufficient lubricity of the fluid, the small gear flow meters type ALGPD 01/1 and 02 as well as ball bearing versions may also be used for fluids below 5 mm²/s. Gear flow meters are positive displacement meters, similar in design to a gear pump. The measuring medium rotates two gears, which are engaged with minimum play. The medium is forced along through closed measuring chambers between gears and housing. The gears, which run idle, lose no power. The RPM of the gears is in proportion with the instantaneous flow rate and precisely detected by integral pickups through the body of the meter without contacting the fluid. The flow signal can be displayed our various other electronics. We calibrate our flow meters to match the customer's operating viscosities to determine their K factors.