Energy Flow Meters

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Energy Flow Meters

Energy Flow Meters Overview: Flowmeters that perform energy measurement consist of a flowmeter with integrated temperature measurement to measure both supply and return temperature and then calculate thermal energy in units of BTUs. In addition to providing direct BTU measurement, these flowmeters also can display liquid flow rate and process temperature. The temperature measurement is typically achieved via use of precision RTD elements while the liquid flow rate measurement can be done with an electromagnetic flowmeter, a turbine flowmeter, an ultrasonic flowmeter, or a variety of other flowmeter technologies.

SmartMeasurementTM offers Energy flow meters that employ ultrasonic and magnetic flow measurement technologies in order to provide users with a degree of flexibility in selecting the best product for their specific application.  For non-intrusive energy measurement, the ALSONIC-EG provides highly accurate energy measurement for applications including treated water with low electrical conductivity and buildings where the air-conditioning can’t be turned off to install the meter.  The ALSONIC-EG enables retrofitting of transducers under pressure with a clamp-on non-intrusive installation method. For applications where there are particulates or bubbles entrained in the fluid, the ALMAG-EG, which makes use of a Mag Meter to measure the liquid flow, is the instrument of choice.  All SmartMeasurement BTU Flowmeters are available with optional Mbus, BACNET, MODBUS, and Profibus communication protocols.

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EG Family
Technology Model Diameters Flow Rate or Velocity Accuracy Temperature Temperature Probes Outputs Special Features
Ultrasonic Energy - Industrial
0.01 to 32 mps
(2-6300 fpm)
±1% flow
-40 ~ 130 °F
(-40 -266 °C)
PT 100 RTD M-BUS, MODBUS, RS485, GPRS and 4-20mA 110-220 VAC, 8-36 VDC, various style transmitters

½" -63"


0.2-10 m/s
(39 - 2000 fpm)
±0.5% flow
up to 180 °C PT 100 RTD 4-20mA, Hart, MODBUS Response time up to 160ms
Energy Calculator
ALFI-BTU with (ALVTN, or ALPADL flowmeters)  ½"-16"
0.2-10 m/s ±1% flow
up to 320 °C (ALVT)  up to 100°C  ALPADL PT 100 RTD or
PT 500 RTD or
PT 1000 RTD
RS485 module
Flowmeter inputs such as NPN or PNP pulse signals, frequency up to 10 KHz ( Max.).
Utrasonic Energy - Building Automation
0.5 to 330 LPM
(0.13-88 USGPM)
±3% 2 ~ 130°C
(35 - 266°F)
PT 1000 RTD M-BUS, RS485,GPRS, pulse and 4-20mA Battery powered (3.6V) - IP65