• Vortex Mass Flow Meter w/ Pressure & Temperature Compensation
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Vortex flow sensing technology relies on measuring the number of vortex pulses generated by a bluff body immersed in the flow stream. The SMC Vortex meter uses dual sensor technology, producing two independent vortex signals which allows for signal amplification and common mode noise reduction. Our sensors never touch the process fluid; the crystal sensors are bonded behind a stainless steel wall. The electronics pick up the slightest pressure pulsations generated by the vortices through the stainless steel wall. This design allows meters to have an extremely wide turndown while maintaining an almost unlimited upper end and a high pressure rating. Our sensor is the thinnest wafer vortex on the market. The meter body bolt lengths are shorter to allow for better flange alignment and tighter, leak-free installations. Our insertion models are uniquely designed so as to prevent miss-alignment of the bluff body in the flow stream; a common problem with many other brands of insertion vortex meters on the market.


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